Increase Energy and Decrease Fatigue with Chiropractic

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If you feel tired most of the time, even after a good night’s sleep, you may be battling fatigue. While you may feel fatigue is just part of being an adult, it isn’t something you have to live with. Don’t let fatigue keep you from getting out and doing what you love. Many people have found relief from fatigue and have experienced increased energy levels with chiropractic care.

Why Do I Feel Fatigued?

Fatigue can be attributed to many factors. Improper diet, lack of exercise, or poor sleep habits may all contribute to your feelings of constant fatigue. Emotional or physical stress can also contribute to fatigue. Sometimes you are eating healthy, working out, and sleeping well, and yet you could still experience symptoms of fatigue. The cycle of fatigue can sometimes feel never ending. Before you reach your wit’s end, consider chiropractic care. A Metairie chiropractor can help you overcome fatigue as well as improve your physical and mental health so that you can feel happy, rested, and like you are living an overall healthy and productive lifestyle.

Chiropractic Improves Overall Body Function to Combat Fatigue

Spinal health is the primary focus of Metairie chiropractor Dr. Jeff Vitenas. Spinal health is important in that it is intricately connected to the central nervous system, one of the most important systems in the body. The central nervous system is responsible for communication throughout the body. Without proper communication, systems in the body can’t function properly. Spinal misalignments are the root cause of nerve interference that disrupts communication. In fact, spinal misalignments in the atlas vertebrae have been linked to chronic fatigue syndrome. Misalignments in the spine can cause poor digestions which could lead to weight gain, depression, or fatigue. Additionally, hormone imbalance can negatively affect sleep habits which, in turn, causes fatigue. Communication between the brain and body is vital in order to ensure energy is being used properly and all systems are functioning correctly. Dr. Jeff Vitenas of Enlightened Chiropractic can provide chiropractic adjustments to remove misalignments and restore proper function within the body.

Case Studies Prove Chiropractic is Effective in Fighting Fatigue

Case studies have been conducted to explore the effectiveness of chiropractic in reducing symptoms of chronic fatigue. In one study, a 30-year-old man battled loss of energy, depression, headaches, and acid reflux. However, after regular visits to a chiropractor, he noticed drastic improvements in both his physical and mental states with decreased bouts of depression and headaches, as well as increased energy levels. His overall health and wellness improved significantly, as did his quality of life.

If you are tired of constant fatigue keeping you from living your life, then set up a consultation with chiropractor Dr. Jeff Vitenas. He serves Metairie, Kenner, Lake View, and all surrounding areas of New Orleans. Find out for yourself the benefits of chiropractic care for your physical and mental health and increase your energy levels so you can find the joy in life again.


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