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While chiropractic care is not new, having been around over 100 years, it is only in recent decades that it has begun to be considered a mainstream form of healthcare. This means that many older adults are not as familiar with chiropractic care and may not be as likely to turn to it in the face of health concerns. But research indicates that chiropractic care can be effective for improving elder health and wellness, in addition to improving a myriad of health concerns and ailments. Visiting a New Orleans chiropractor can provide relief for a variety of health issues faced by older adults.

Health As We Age

It’s an unavoidable truth that as our bodies age, they experience changes that take a toll on our health. Moving can become painful as joints become stiff, especially those that are used often such as knees and hips. Many adults suffer from arthritis as a part of this process. The more our movement is inhibited, the more additional health issues can develop. In addition to a lack of physical activity, stiff muscles and joints can lead to falls and other injuries. Falls are actually one of the most common health risks faced by the elderly population. In addition to these physical risks, those over 60 report feeling tired more often and having more trouble sleeping. No matter how well health is maintained, an aging population is bound to experience these and other effects of aging.

Improving Quality of Life

Even though the aging process can’t be reversed or avoided, there are ways to improve overall quality of life for the elderly. Chiropractic care focuses on the central nervous system as a mechanism to support overall health, as it is responsible for sending and receiving messages throughout the body. Focusing on keeping the spine aligned ensures that the central nervous system works properly, increasing overall health. This can be particularly important for the elderly population who is at risk for a number of ailments. Spinal alignment can also improve balance and decrease the risk of falls by reducing nerve interference. Improved posture can also lead to better range of motion and a reduction in overall pain. Regular adjustments can help seniors to feel more confident walking, sleep better, feel less fatigued, and experience overall wellness.

Getting older doesn’t have to mean a decrease in quality of life. But as you begin to age, it’s likely you will experience some additional health concerns. To help prevent the worsening of symptoms and to take the best care of your body, contact Dr. Jeff Vitenas and the staff at Enlightened Chiropractic. Dr. Jeff serves practice members in Kenner, Lake View, Metairie, Jefferson Parish, and the Greater New Orleans area.


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