Chiropractic Is a Natural and Safe Method for Managing Ear Infections

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Ear infections among children are fairly common. Teething babies may experience ear pain that leads to an infection, and viral or bacterial infections can also lead to ear problems. But for some children, ear infections are a chronic problem that, if not addressed, can lead to bigger issues later on, such as loss of hearing. For these children, ear infections become a source of worry and stress for both parent and child. If this sounds like you and your child, then chiropractic care from a New Orleans chiropractor can offer the relief you have been searching for.

Why Does My Child Get Ear Infections?

The Eustachian tubes in the ears are responsible for ensuring that liquid drains properly from the ear. When the Eustachian tube isn’t draining as it should, it can cause blockage that leads to infection. In children, the Eustachian tubes haven’t yet fully developed and are more parallel to the ground instead of tilted, as in adults. This can cause fluid to stay in the ears instead of drain. Stagnant fluid will most assuredly lead to chronic ear infections in children.

A Non-Invasive Solution

When an ear infection strikes in the middle of the night and your child can’t sleep but instead is up crying and fussing, your first instinct may be to reach for medication to ease their pain. Antibiotics are usually prescribed to address ear infections, but the problem with medication is that it only masks symptoms temporarily. Additionally, medications can lead to even more health concerns because of potentially harmful side effects. In extreme cases, surgery may even be suggested for those with chronic ear infections. Every year, over 500,000 children undergo surgery to have tubes placed in their ears. Surgery of any kind is always unsettling, and having tubes put in doesn’t always fix the problem and can bring its own risks and concerns. Before turning to short-term solutions or invasive procedures, consider chiropractic care. Research has shown that chiropractic is not only a natural and safe method for managing ear infections, but it is also effective in providing a long-term solution for ear infections. New Orleans chiropractor Dr. Jeff Vitenas has successfully helped many children find relief from recurring ear infections with neurologically-based chiropractic care.

Chiropractic Can Help!

Spinal health is important to the health of the overall body. New Orleans chiropractor Dr. Jeff Vitenas focuses on improving the function of the central nervous system, composed of the brain and spinal cord, to increase health and wellness. Vertebrae at the top of the spine are directly connected the Eustachian tubes of the ears, so spinal misalignments can be the root cause of ear infections as they put pressure on the Eustachian tubes that leads to fluid buildup. Safe and gentle spinal adjustments from Dr. Vitenas of Enlightened Chiropractic can remove misalignments and allow fluid to drain as it should to prevent infection from occurring.

If your child suffers from chronic ear infections, consider chiropractic care before invasive procedures. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Jeff Vitenas at Enlightened Chiropractic to see the incredible results of chiropractic care.


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